This is usually a phrase that is used by career professionals who hate the bureaucratic paperwork that comes with their positions in business, industry, and other organizations. No one usually equates paperwork with student life, but I am here to tell you that essays and papers during college studies can “drown” you, if you are not organized, really capable of fast research, and a truly proficient writer.
I am not lover of research and writing, unless the topic is of interest to me. Unfortunately, as a fine arts major, I am not thrilled with writing assignments in science, social studies, psychology, and other courses I am forced to take in the name of “general education.” I have chosen to use a professional writing service for many of my paper assignments, and it has made a huge difference for me.
Much of my time is spent with rehearsals and performances, and the demands on my time are horrendous at times. When I have a performance coming, for example, hours a day are spent in preparation, and just getting to all of my other classes is a huge task. When papers are assigned and due while I am in the middle of rehearsals, I contact my chosen writing service, place my order with all of the details, and I can relax knowing that a qualified professional is constructing an original paper for me. I use only one service, because it is comprehensive and can give me a paper on any topic I need.
I would recommend that any student drowning in paper assignments seriously consider finding a reputable and professional paper writing service – one that assigns a personal writer to each assignment and that can guarantee non-plagiarized writing. Having this help has saved my GPA.

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